The third-largest island in Europe and the twentieth-largest island in the world, Ireland is famous as the land of elves, leprechauns, castles, warriors and balladeers. Deep rooted traditions and a rich cultural heritage have also helped Ireland create a reputation for high-quality education. Always considered as one of the top destination for education in Europe, Ireland has continued to maintain this reputation as they attach great importance to education. Almost 200,000 students come to join the various universities, institutes of technology, colleges of education and specialist colleges.

Irish education system focuses largely on the heuristic method of education. Studying in Ireland provides unique opportunities to be part of a research team with global reputation. With investments of over 700 million euros,  research is done in various fields, covering natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. Educational links with countries like the UK & US allows students to transfer the credits earned, to continue your education in these countries if you wish to, without losing out on the credits you have already earned. Students can pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate and Higher Doctorate degrees in Ireland.

Ireland provides affordable education as many programs charge fees that are inclusive of tuition, housing, insurance, and various cultural activities and educational tours. Most programs are a year-long rather than two, reducing the cost of earning a degree substantially. A rich culture, an enjoyable cuisine served by one of the warmest people in the world and high employment opportunities keeps Ireland among the top destination for education for international students.

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